AI lie detector tests to get trial run at EU airports

AI lie detector tests to get trial run at EU airports

AI lie detector tests to get trial run at EU airports

"Artificial intelligence" lie detector programs will be tested on people arriving at airports in Hungary, Greece and Latvia, under a new, EU-funded pilot scheme created to partially automate the bloc's border control.

The programme, iBorderCtrl is in its initial phase and aims to promote faster border crossing for travelers with the help of AI.

The European Commission has thrown more than €4.5m (£4m, $5.1m) into iBorderCtrl, a self-described "intelligent control system" that analyzes answers given by travelers to a series of questions at border checkpoints, and their facial expressions, then highlights to agents those who it thinks are likely not telling the truth.

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iBorderCtrl will require travelers to upload pictures of their passport, visa, and proof of funds. The EU has invested a considerable amount of money in the project, nearly $5 million.

The answers to the questions will be analyzed by what the European Union says is an AI "deception detection" system that also studies the travelers' facial expressions for patterns consistent with people who are lying.

Travellers who have been flagged as low risk by the lie detector will go through a short re-evaluation of their information for entry.

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The AI, however, intends to take over this role and will ask questions such as those relating to items in a suitcase, reading a total of 38 micro-gestures in the process in order to issue a risk score to every would-be traveler. "IBORDERCTRL's system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit", project coordinator George Boultadakis explained.

During the pilot, system judgements will not be used to deny border crossings, according to the report. "After the traveler's documents have been reassessed, and fingerprinting, palm vein scanning and face matching have been carried out, the potential risk posed by the traveler will be recalculated".

The trials will begin in lab testing conditions before real-world scenario tests start.

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But the technology has been tested in its current form on only 32 people, and scientists behind the project are hoping to achieve an 85% success rate.

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