Breakthrough treatment helps paralysed patients walk

Breakthrough treatment helps paralysed patients walk

Breakthrough treatment helps paralysed patients walk

A new technique has given hope to people who have been paralyzed due to spinal cord injury.

The patients wore a series of sensors on their legs and feet that wirelessly communicated to the stimulators as they began to walk. This then led to improved motor function, even when the electrical stimulation is turned off.

Created by a team at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the device was part of the work done in a clinical trial, as published in the journal Nature. Researcher Grégoire Courtine says that the exact timing and location of the electrical stimulation was crucial to being able to produce the intended movement. In ongoing tests of the system, the patients were able to adjust the length and speed of their strides and to walk on a treadmill for an hour-traveling the equivalent of up to one kilometer.

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The most surprising moment occurred, he added, when the implants were switched back off again: some of the patients' recovered abilities persisted, even in the absence of those helpful electrical pulses. A team at the University of Louisville reported in September that stimulating the spinal cord-known as neurostimulation-allowed two people to stand independently and walk with assistive devices, like a walker. Bloch compared the targeted stimulation to the precision of a Swiss watch. "After a few months, participants regained voluntary control over previously paralysed muscles without stimulation and could walk or cycle in ecological settings during spatiotemporal stimulation", Fabien Wagner and his colleagues wrote in the study. But that did not take long.

"All the patients could walk using body weight support within one week", says Blotch. And so the researchers set about understanding how the nervous system responded to movements in every joint in healthy individuals, building up a "map" of what these activation patterns looked like.

The new rehabilitation protocols based on this targeted neurotechnology lead to improved neurological function by allowing the participants to actively train natural overground walking capabilities in the lab for extensive periods of time, as opposed to passive training like exoskeleton-assisted stepping. By sending electrical signals to parts of the spinal cord responsible for movement, three patients were able to walk again.

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These sessions helped to trigger activity-dependent plasticity, which is the nervous system's inherent ability to reorganise nerve fibres.

"We have sufficient evidence to use these treatments in the early stage after spinal cord injury, when the potential for growth of new nerve connections is higher, and the neuromuscular system has not yet undergone the atrophy". -B., Goff-Mignardot, C. G. Therefore, doctors implanted three volunteers who have a spinal injury, pacemakers.

Formento, E., Minassian, K., Wagner, F., Mignardot, J. When an injury interrupts the connection between the spinal cord and brain, it prevents signals from reaching below the site of the injury, EES can help to bridge the gap by providing electrical signals to the spinal cord below the injury site.

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