Fallout 76 Beta's Physics Are Tied To Its Framerate

Fallout 76 Beta's Physics Are Tied To Its Framerate

Fallout 76 Beta's Physics Are Tied To Its Framerate

Have you played the Fallout 76 beta? . Here's how to make sure that it doesn't affect you. But according to PC Gamer, Fallout 76's beta will happily run at higher framerates, just not out of the box.

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The reason we're having this beta today is that there were so many issues with the beta on PC the other day.

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You should not click on anything in the launcher to avoid the problem. For its part, Bethesda confirmed to Polygon that a fix for the issue is in the works, and should be released at launch. Another user provided proof within the comments with the video below showing the "speed hack" in action, an unlocked framerate resulting in the player crossing terrain much quicker than usual.

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The B.E.T.A (Break-It Early Test Application) sessions for Fallout 76 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC are now underway, with thousands of players scouring the world of Appalachia for the first time. The company will also be quietly sighing with relief that this happened during the beta and not at launch. Some users are speculating that the countdown mistake is partly to blame for the issues. Kotaku revealed that clicking any button on the server would delete around 50GB of Fallout 76 data on your PC, forcing you to redownload everything again. While players can force the aspect ratio of the widescreen (16:10 and 21: 9) through the configuration file, they will completely break the user interface, so if you have a next-generation monitor, you cannot Take advantage of it and you'll have to endure the black bands. Some Reddit users have found that recovery program Recuva might be able to recover the files. They have noted that almost 50GB of files were restored to their Fallout 76 folder, but these could be corrupted or otherwise useless files.

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