World's first foldable smartphone unveiled

World's first foldable smartphone unveiled

World's first foldable smartphone unveiled

A Silicon Valley-based firm has released a futuristic smartphone that can fold up.

The world's first foldable smartphone has been put on sale by a California start-up, beating companies such as Samsung to the punch.

Royole is taking pre-orders for the device now.

When unfolded, FlexPai supports split-screen mode as well as "drag-and-drop" across applications and it automatically adjusts screen sizes.

The Shenzhen company claims that its flexible screens integrate more than 20 million flexible ultra-precision devices, 6 million flexible integrated circuits, and almost 100 kinds of micro-nano film materials to support the usage as a smartphone display.

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The phones will be priced between 8,999 and 12,999 yuan ($1,290 to $1,863; £1,011 to £1,460) depending on the memory and storage specifications selected.

However, only the developer model has been released outside of China at £1,209 for a 128G edition and £1,349 for a 256G edition.

The Verge reports that folding it up also makes it significantly bulkier than both of those phones. After folding it from the centre, the device offers three small screens.

Liu said his team had run tests on the screen for around three years and owned more than 2,000 intellectual property rights. My advice? Hold off on it till the flexible display market becomes a little larger and more democratized. There's also a 21:6 edge-screen for important notifications like incoming calls.

We're nearly sick of hearing rumors about a supposed Samsung phone with a folding screen, and even Huawei is reportedly working on something similar.

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Phones with foldable displays has been touted as the next big thing in technology for a long time now.

We've been talking about foldable screens for a while now and we kind of expected that either Samsung, LG or Lenovo will be the ones to break the ice but the very first foldable phone to be commercially available comes from a company many of you have never even heard of before.

Royole is a little-known display maker that has clearly been paying close attention to this area of technology over the last few years.

Although the figure is a 5.9 per cent decrease from the same period past year, consumers expressed desire to buy handsets with newer technology they had not seen before.

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