Pentagon Declines Trump Admin’s Request to Build Detention Facilities

Pentagon Declines Trump Admin’s Request to Build Detention Facilities

Pentagon Declines Trump Admin’s Request to Build Detention Facilities

By the end of Monday there will be 5,200 active duty service members serving along the border in what is officially a support mission to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), but on the eve of the mid-term election President Trump continues to play the deployment as a campaign issue.

According to two defense official familiar with the request, the Department of Homeland Security asked that the Pentagon provide a reserve force that could be called upon to provide "crowd and traffic control" and safeguard Customs and Border Protection personnel at the border to counter a group of Central American migrants walking to the U.S. border to request asylum.

There are roughly 2,700 active-duty troops in Texas, 1,200 in Arizona and 1,100 in California, the Department of Defense revealed Monday.

With the mission now set for November 5 through December 15, for a total of 41 days, the cost of deploying 8,000 troops and air support ranges from approximately $42 million to $55 million, according to the CSBA estimate.

The initial DHS request was not accepted early on by the Pentagon and was not forwarded up the chain of command for approval.

It's not unusual for different government agencies to discuss how, exactly, they will work together.

According to CNN, Dunford said the troops would be providing logistical support to the DHS, explaining, "so you'll see some soldiers down there right now that are putting up concertina wire and reinforcing the points of entry".

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Manning said only military police would carry weapons and stressed that there were no plans for USA troops to come in contact with protesters or migrants.

For example, here's Trump on what USA troops should do if migrants happen to throw rocks at them. The untrained volunteers plan to dig in along border spots with camouflage clothing, flak jackets, semiautomatic weapons, night-vision goggles and aerial drones with thermal sensing equipment to locate people in darkness, McGauley said. "Mexican soldiers hurt, were unable or unwilling to stop Caravan".

However, the military teaches troops to respond proportionally when possible.

"What I don't want is these people throwing rocks".

Trump walked back his comments hours after making them.

He was talking about protecting our country from those who aim to storm the borders in an illegal attempt to set foot here and somehow instantly enjoy all of the many benefits of legal, tax-paying Americans citizens - simply because these individuals from other countries choose to and think they deserve this.

Experts, though, say the Pentagon's resistance to the requests makes sense. He said they would not be taking part in law enforcement activities like crowd control.

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President Trump sent the troops to the border as part of Operation Faithful Patriot.

The Posse Comitatus law forbids the U.S. military from enforcing domestic laws, unless there's no other choice. Where a week ago there was an empty field, there's now at least 300 troops.

The U.S. Border Patrol late last month warned landowners in Texas to expect "possible armed civilians" to come onto their property because of the caravan, The Associated Press reported.

Those numbers will rise to more than 7,000 over coming days.

"We believe our nation is under attack by foreigners who refuse to accept the rule of law on how to become a citizen in the United States", Howie Morgan, the political action director of the Minuteman Project militia, told Newsweek.

The chairman spoke of the process exclusively from a military perspective. "They have much bigger fish to fry".

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