What's at stake in the United States mid-term elections

What's at stake in the United States mid-term elections

What's at stake in the United States mid-term elections

History was working against the president in the Senate: 2002 was the only midterm election in the past three decades when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats. But the fundamental reality of American political life - an irrelevant Congress, an embattled president who does things unilaterally while pushing back against partisan investigations, a rightward-leaning high court - is unlikely to be altered by what happens on Tuesday. The party's task was much more hard in the Senate, where Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 majority but Democrats are defending 10 seats in states won by the president two years ago.

Wrapping up the campaign in recent days, Trump repeatedly raised fears about immigrants, issuing harsh warnings about a caravan of Central American migrants that is moving slowly through Mexico towards the United States border.

"I wouldn't like the fact that the Democrats win. because I think they'll start doing things to the president that will be sclerosis for everybody", Scaramucci said Tuesday in an interview with CNBC's " Squawk Box".

The outcome has serious stakes for the president. Instead of allowing the constituency to retain a natural mix, the ruling party (say Republicans) redraws the constituency map to pack most Democrats into one constituency, so that they can win the other four constituencies.

Bernie Sanders, the leftist populist who some feel would have had a better chance than Clinton to take on Trump in 2016, lashed out Monday at the president, calling him a "pathological liar".

A inquiry into the Russian Federation investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, could be ordered by the House Judiciary Committee to determine if "impeachable" offences were committed by Trump, he said.

Trump May Pull Off the Impossible, Say Pollsters, Pundits and Prognosticators
He was followed by another Fox News host, Jeanine Pirro , both of whom gave remarks from the lectern backing the president. Fox News issued a statement today stating that the network "does not condone any talent participating in campaign events".

"The big picture is that midterm elections go against the president's party", noted John Fortier of the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

For nearly two years, Trump's rule-breaking, sometimes chaotic administration has enjoyed a largely free hand from the twin Republican-controlled chambers, but the midterms could finally see his wings clipped.

American voters have poured out across their bitterly divided country to deliver judgment on President Donald Trump in the polls. It was a deliberate strategy to expand the playing field to about 80 districts, stretching beyond college-educated voters in the suburbs into regions where the party has seen its fortunes fade.

In the event the Democrats do win the House, Trump would be more vulnerable to impeachment - a process used by Congress members to remove a president. "This will turn the tables", said Barbara Villa, 71, who with her husband planted a crop of "Vote Blue" signs outside their home. As election day neared, the polls increasingly showed that Trump had a real chance of winning.

With terms of six years, about a third of the Senate is up for election every two years.

In Utah, get ready for a poll-close call that announces Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, as the next senator from Utah.

'The hottest thing': Trump launches final day blitz on Democrats
The Congress is made up of the House of Representatives , where all 435 seats are up for grabs. "Who we are is on the ballot", Mr. Of the 35 seats up for election , Democrats would need to keep their 26 seats, and win back two from the Republicans to win.

In an audio clip published by the Republican National Committee on Monday, the California Democrat sat for a live discussion with "Queer Eye" star and podcaster Jonathan Van Ness during the Bentzen Ball comedy festival in Washington, D.C., last weekend. She was expected to lose to political newcomer Jennifer Wexton. "When you talk locally, they're talking about protecting health care, they're talking about gun rights, gun reform", Wolf said.

"Democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into our country".

In a suburban battleground in Atlanta, Republican Rep. Karen Handel won a costly special election earlier this cycle but faced an upstart challenge from Lucy McBath, whose 17-year-old son was shot and killed at a gas station. Aided by Republican retirements and an unprecedented flood of donations, majority from women, they appear to be almost guaranteed to gain at least somewhere in the mid-to-high teens.

That is reflected in the early vote totals for these midterms, which are high.

But Brookings Institution expert John Hudak said it is also clear that Trump is a major issue for both parties this year. Need to keep track of what's in play on Election Night?

Democrats during the 2016 demanded Trump release his tax returns.

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