Sumatra plane passengers refuse to fly with stinking durian cargo

Sumatra plane passengers refuse to fly with stinking durian cargo

Sumatra plane passengers refuse to fly with stinking durian cargo

Travelers aboard a Sriwajiya Air flight from Bengkulu, in Indonesia, to Jakarta complained of the odor prior to takeoff, insisting that the airline remove the spiky, smelly fruit - of which there was almost 4,500 pounds in the cargo hold - from the flight, per The Straits Times.

Some passengers argued with crew members and nearly came to the point of physical altercation, according to the Jakarta Times.

An Indonesian airliner was delayed for an hour after passengers complained of an overpowering stench released from a load of the notorious thorny fruit durian, according to reports.

Some passengers even argued that apart from the unpleasant smell, they were also concerned by the extra weight on board.

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According to, that's exactly what passengers on this flight had - about 2 tons of the fruit, locked away in the plane's cargo holds.

The Indonesia flight was due to travel between Sumatra and Jakarta on Monday morning, when travellers realised (by catching a whiff of it) they'd be journeying in the company of crates full of durian fruit. "Many airlines do this", Sriwijaya Air senior corporate communications manager Retri Maya said in a statement to the Post on Tuesday.

"It's not illegal to carry durian in a flight as long as it is wrapped properly in accordance with flight regulations - carried inside the hold". The problem is, videos circulating where a passenger taking the video accused carrying durian as a safety hazard.

"When I entered the plane, I could already smell the scent of durian", he said.

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The flight attendants assured him the smell would dissipate once the plane was airborne.

Eventually, they all disembarked the plane while the durian was unloaded.

The airport in Bengkulu, meanwhile, is said to be rethinking how durian will be transported on future flights.

Though delicious, durian is one of the most easily recognizable fruits in Asia because of its strong odor.

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