'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' Adds New Mythical Creatures, Quests, and More

'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' Adds New Mythical Creatures, Quests, and More

'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' Adds New Mythical Creatures, Quests, and More

There will be no time limit to tackle these questlines, so feel free to play them at any time. While one was discovered to be linked to a new quest, the other remained a mystery.

We realize that players want more control over the XP boosters, so with update version 1.0.7 we're introducing an option to pause and resume any temporary or permanent booster that you own.

Players will have a new mystical beast to do battle with.

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Sargon will also be updating his stock with two new, exclusive item packs in November: the Odysseus Pack, and the Odysseus Naval Pack.

Later this month Steropes the Cyclops will join the game's roster of mythical creatures.

The video then goes on to describe the weekly Epic Ship and Mercenary events which will give players more opportunity to earn the rare resource Orichalcum, plus some new Odysseus-themed gear and ship decor that can be purchased with it.

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Defeating the Cyclops will be a high-level challenge, and should you manage to succeed you will be rewarded with a Legendary Bow.

"All of these items will be simultaneously available in the Store and at the Oikos of the Olympians". There are some big changes coming, including a level cap that'll be increasing by at least 20 levels. The story Divine Intervention will center around a "mysterious woman" who will test players with divine trials, and along with the future Lost Tales of Greece will automatically unlock in Episode 5 of the main story and each quest can result in multiple outcomes and new rewards.

Last week, Ubisoft added the first of many free DLC story missions, named The Lost Tales of Greece. But these are pretty much expected additions at this point.

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