Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Websites With Abusive Ads

Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Websites With Abusive Ads

Google Chrome 71 To Ad-Block Websites With Abusive Ads

Google implemented changes to Chrome's protection again these types of content. Chrome 71, which will be released in December 2018, will block all advertisement on a "small number of sites with persistent abusive experiences" according to Google.

"We've learned since then that this approach did not go far enough", said Vivek Sekhar, Product Manager for Google.

"In fact, more than half of these abusive experiences are not blocked by our current set of protections, and almost all involve harmful or misleading ads", he added.

The site goes on to report that the new version of Chrome is trying to attack that problem by going after website owners that publish such content, effectively hitting them in the pocketbook by potentially deep-sixing all ads from their site and removing a source of revenue for them.

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The announcement makes no mention of punitive actions beyond blocking ads, which should considerably impact earnings of sites employing deceptive practices.

Google updated the list of abusive experiences recently. The new setting will be enabled by default. Some users kill all ads via ad blockers anyway-which is why users need to be convinced that ads should just be annoying, rather than outright harmful.

In order to protect yourself, you don't actually have to do much.

Ads that point to or automatically download or install malware or unwanted software in the user's system are also abusive.

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Starting December, Google will give site owners a 30 day grace period, to sort of clean their act after an abusive behaviour is reported. Now, it's full block time for internet website ad assholes. This report will show periodic evaluations of a owner's web site and whether any abusive experiences have been detected.

This will include sites with pop-ups and new window requests which do things like redirecting pages.

In response, Chrome 68 in January 2018 altered the behavior of redirects so they show up in the browser's info bar rather than sending the users to a specific website. But it's likely a prudent idea to check your site in the Abusive Experiences Tool to check if anything is flagged by Google as abusive.

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