More protection: UN says Earth’s ozone layer is healing | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

More protection: UN says Earth’s ozone layer is healing | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

More protection: UN says Earth’s ozone layer is healing | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

The Montreal Protocol was finalized in 1987 in response to the realization that numerous chemicals used in aerosols, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and industrial solvents were eroding the planet's stratosphere, creating a hole and allowing harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation to seep through the ozone layer.

On Monday, the United Nations shared the findings of "Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018", the latest study part of a series of reports that monitor ozone recovery in the stratosphere.

However, if it could not be remedied the already slow recovery of the atmosphere's protective layer could be further delayed.

Over the southern hemisphere and in the more problematic polar regions, recovery will take longer, until the middle of this century in the former and about 2060 in the latter case.

There is an ongoing healing of the ozone layer, findings of a new UN-backed report released on Monday, have shown.

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It is the latest in a series of reports, released every four years, which monitor the recovery of ozone in the stratosphere, an atmospheric layer that protects life on Earth from the Sun's ultraviolet rays.

Paul Newman, chief Earth scientist at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center, described the discovery as "really good news".

Thanks to these bans, the ozone layer has been able to recover at a small but mighty rate of three percent per decade, meaning it may be repaired by the time we reach the 2060s.

This is due to internationally agreed actions carried out under the historic Montreal Protocol, which came into being over 30 years ago.

"Evidence presented by the authors shows that the ozone layer in parts of the stratosphere has recovered at a rate of 1-3 per cent per decade since 2000", UN Environment and the World Meteorological Organisation said.

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Still, the United Nations said they were heartened by their findings about the ozone layer ― and what its recovery could mean for future climate action.

Another problem is that new technology has found an increase in emissions of a banned CFC out of East Asia, the report noted. And the Montreal Protocol is set to be enhanced in early 2019 with the ratification of the Kigali Amendment, which seeks to curb future climate change by targeting powerful greenhouse gases used in refrigeration and air conditioning. It prevents damage to the earth's ecosystems and provides protection against skin cancer.

'I don't think we can do a victory lap until 2060, ' he said.

Erik Solheim, Head of UN Environment Programme said: "The Montreal Protocol is one of the most successful multilateral agreements in history for a reason".

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