Trump warns of ‘war-like’ posture if Democrats investigate White House

Trump warns of ‘war-like’ posture if Democrats investigate White House

Trump warns of ‘war-like’ posture if Democrats investigate White House

The White House would likely fight many such requests in court, but the subpoenas' reach could extend far beyond Washington.

Trump also took credit for Tuesday's results in another Tweet, saying "to any of the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit for this great Midterm Election just remember two words-FAKE NEWS!"

With some races still undecided, Democrats were headed for a gain of about 30 seats, beyond the 23 they needed to claim their first majority in the 435-member House in eight years.

The president name-checked several GOP candidates who lost Tuesday. Friendly governors in those key swing states could be a big help to Mr. Trump as 2020 approaches. Gains in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were offset by mixed results in OH and GOP dominance in electoral powerhouse Florida. As in Florida, the Republicans hold both Senate seats and the governor's job. But there again, what Trump did in those states was to produce a return to basic political identity in red states and red House districts, while Democrats used Trump and hot-button political issues such as health care to do the same in blue states and blue House districts. Sherrod Brown, who also won re-election on Tuesday, did.

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"Mainers have entrusted you with the future of our state and to represent all of the people", he said. "Trump connected to the workers".

"They can play that game, but we can play it better".

Republicans, though, pointed to Trump's 8-point victory in OH in 2016, and the four campaign visits he made to the state, including a southwest OH jaunt three weeks before the election. What he would not favor, though, would be investigations or sanctions that would further damage the well-connected Russian oligarchs believed to have helped fund the USA election meddling efforts.

With Democrats in control of the House, there is a strong chance that Washington will face even more gridlock next year on most legislative priorities.

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Jin Canrong, a professor and associate dean at the School of International Studies, Renmin University of China in Beijing, said given that the midterms often are viewed as a referendum on the sitting administration's politics and policies, the result of the elections could foreshadow the trajectory of USA politics for the next two years. The big Democratic turnout reverted the state to where it had been before Trump - a Democratic stronghold.

To do this, they need to unite on a clear, widely and enthusiastically acceptable Democratic program and draft a leadership team for 2020. Last week Republicans controlled 33 of the 50 governorships - today they hold 26. After all, it is in Trump's interests to co-operate - because if Democrats' legislation is obstructed by the Senate they will turn their attention to the only other thing they can do, which is oversight of the president. Bill Nelson trailing Republican Rick Scott.

But they missed in Florida, where Andrew Gillum conceded a race he narrowly lost, and OH, where first-time candidate Richard Cordray fell short against veteran Mike DeWine. James, an African-American, was an attractive candidate in some ways, but also a political novice.

Nineteen Democrats will serve in the Senate when the 2019 legislative session begins in January, including Tammy Story in Jefferson County, current state House Rep. Jessie Danielson in Jefferson County and current Rep. Faith Winter in Adams County, according to a news release from the Senate Democrats. And Democrat Stacey Abrams ran a competitive campaign for governor in Georgia, which hasn't elected a Democrat to the governor's mansion since 1998. Unlike previous presidents, Trump has refused to make public, Trump repeated prior explanations that they were under audit and that his lawyers have told him not to but said he would "certainly have an open mind" about releasing them when the IRS audit ends. "I'm talking about changing the map". He said Barbara Comstock, who lost her suburban Virginia district, "didn't want to have any embrace". At the very least, they would likely uncover evidence of how his luxury real-estate business was fueled by money-laundering for Russian oligarchs and others.

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"The people that ran that way won in those tough places", Bennett added, "and the people who didn't run that way lost nearly everywhere".

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