Six held over 'plot' to attack French president Macron

Six held over 'plot' to attack French president Macron

Six held over 'plot' to attack French president Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a "Real European army" to better defend itself against major forces such as Russia, China and even the US. "I want to build a real security dialogue with Russian Federation, which is a country I respect, a European country - but we must have a Europe that can defend itself on its own without relying only on the United States". We should have a Europe that is more capable of defending on its own, not depending exclusively on the United States, to act in a more sovereign way, "he stressed". Paris at the same time launched with eight partners in a european-based group intervention created to be able to quickly lead a military operation, an evacuation from a country at war or to provide assistance in the event of a disaster.

A number of proposals have been put on the table for how European Union nations could cooperate more closely on defence.

The UK, while in favour of such a joint force, is opposed to a European army, because of the potential risk of creating a parallel structure to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Despite the advances in military cooperation, the commission spokesperson said Macron still faces a wait to see anything resembling a European army.

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The initiative does not "contradict or circumvent the EU's historic defence efforts, nor those of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation", the defence official said.

French President Emmanuel Macron waded into controversy Wednesday by praising a general who helped win World War I but became a top Nazi collaborator in World War II - comments that triggered outrage among French Jews.

"Peace in Europe is has never lasted so long".

The alleged plot was uncovered days before US President Donald Trump and dozens of other world leaders are due in France for weekend observances marking the signing 100 years ago of the November 11 armistice that ended the First World War.

Trump calls French President Macron's idea for a European army 'very insulting'
Macron had made the remark Tuesday but Trump waited until he was in town to trash talk the French president. The White House and the Kremlin had previously considered a formal meeting in Paris.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will be visiting France for commemoration ceremonies in Paris on Remembrance Sunday.

Ahead of European Parliament elections next May - widely billed as a battle between Macron-style pro-Europeans and Le Pen-style populists -, the centrist said politicians must respond to people's fear and anger, as he urged voters to steer clear of the far-right.

"It was empires that were at the origin of World War I, not nations".

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