Netflix sued by Satanic Temple over use of Baphomet deity

Netflix sued by Satanic Temple over use of Baphomet deity

Netflix sued by Satanic Temple over use of Baphomet deity

The Satanic Temple says in its lawsuit - which was filed in NY federal court - that it designed and commissioned its Baphomet and that Netflix's "prominent use of this symbol as the central focal point of the school, associated with evil, cannibalism and murder, blurs and tarnishes the The Satanic Temple Baphomet with Children as a mark of The Satanic Temple".

A group of Satanists is suing Netflix and Warner Bros for 50 million U.S. dollars (£38 million) over the depiction of a goat-headed statue in one their television shows.

The statue, which the temple says cost about $100,000 to design and build, features a goat's head on a human body having both male and female traits as well as horns and a torch. It is based on a comic book of the same name, which also inspired the show "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", a series which ran from 1996-2003.

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They go on to say, the "prominent use of symbol as the central focal point of the school associated with evil, cannibalism and murder blurs and tarnishes the TST Baphomet with Children as a mark of TST".

The Satanic Temple made national headlines in 2014 after campaigning to have the Baphomet statue placed alongside a monument of the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma City on the grounds of religious freedom.

It has appeared in at least four of the 10 episodes and was a "key element" of the season finale, The Satanic Temple said. The temple argues that the television show not only copied its conception of the deity - a muscled figure with two young children staring up at it - but also that it gives the statue and the Satanic Temple itself a bad rap.

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"To have that all at once entirely eclipsed by some Netflix show by a production department who did a Google Image Search..."

Satanic Temple said it does not worship Satan, but instead seeks "to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people".

Greaves told USA broadcaster CNBC that Baphomet has "come to represent us as a people" and that the statue in Sabrina "dilutes and denigrates" their group.

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Neither Warner Bros or Netflix has commented on the case.

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