French President Emmanuel Macron Abandons Fuel Tax Rise Amid Protest Violence

French President Emmanuel Macron Abandons Fuel Tax Rise Amid Protest Violence

French President Emmanuel Macron Abandons Fuel Tax Rise Amid Protest Violence

Earlier this week, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe made a decision to suspend planned increases to fuel taxes for at least six months in response to weeks of sometimes violent protests, marking the first major U-turn by Macron's administration in 18 months in office. Shops were looted and cars torched in plush neighbourhoods around the famed Champs-Elysees Avenue. Hundreds of vehicles were set on fire and the Arc de Triomphe was vandalized with the words, "The Yellow Vests will triumph".

Mr Macron said world oil prices were mostly to blame for the price rise, but higher taxes on fossil fuels were also needed to help renewable energy investments.

Since returning from the G20 summit in Argentina, Macron has either remained in his palace residence or else shied away from speaking publicly about the protests that have created his biggest political crisis since taking office last May.

On Wednesday, Mr Philippe told the lower house of parliament: "The government is ready for dialogue and is showing it because this tax increase has been dropped from the 2019 budget bill".

"The French want the whole baguette, not just the crumbs", he said.

"No tax is worth putting the nation's unity in danger", he said.

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Many are also anxious after Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume said Wednesday that measures aimed at improving their negotiating power with distributors would be delayed as the government grapples with the "yellow vest" movement.

"The important thing is that it can be applied as of 1 January", she said.

"It's coming too late".

"It's delayed, but there must not be any retreat by the government", Lambert said.

However, the Prime Minister did not make clear if the increased fuel tax would be added to next year's budget at a later date.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said extra police would be deployed next Saturday on top of the 65,000 out in force last weekend, urging "reasonable" members of the movement to stay at home. "It's a change of course".

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Mr Macron's misery was likely compounded by a tweet from US President Donald Trump, who has been vocal critic of the the Paris climate agreement his French counterpart is so committed to.

"The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed..."

Demonstrators were back in the streets wearing their signature yellow vests despite the announcement.

In the port city of Marseille, students clashed with police outside a high school - one of about 100 high schools around France that were blocked or otherwise disrupted by student protests, according to the Education Ministry.

Numerous demonstrations were over a new university application system.

The past two weekends, though, saw outpourings of violence and rioting in Paris, with extreme far-right and far-left factions joining the demonstrations.

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Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said that among the protesters were people from across the country who had descended upon Paris with the express intent of causing trouble. More protests are planned for Saturday in Paris. Juppe cancelled the reforms on December 15.

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