Brie Larson kicks ass in new 'Captain Marvel' trailer

Brie Larson kicks ass in new 'Captain Marvel' trailer

Brie Larson kicks ass in new 'Captain Marvel' trailer

As the story goes on, they encounter the Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Raccoon, upon seeing Chewie, full-on loses it. Rocket literally attempts to kill poor Chewie and while Captain Marvel stops him, Rocket keeps insisting that Chewie is a Flerken - a unsafe alien species that takes the form of common housecats. Should Goose think Fury is threatening or hurting Carol, she might attack. The new trailer dropped during Monday Night Football, and we still can't get enough of Carol Danvers and her introduction to the MCU.

Jude Law's Walter Lawson, a.k.a. Mar-Vell, is also featured in the trailer, telling Danvers that she has come a long way, but she's not as strong as she thinks. She helps explain who she is and why the noble warrior Kree have been fighting the shapeshifting Skrulls for ions.

Disney and Marvel released the official trailer for next year's "Captain Marvel" and we finally know why the hero punched an elderly lady in September's first teaser trailer. While some questioned her suitability for the role, Kelly Sue Deconnick, who wrote the groundbreaking Captain Marvel comic, told Vanity Fair she was "psyched" about the casting.

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Isn't it flawless? I'm going to watch it again.

The trailer then features Annette Bening's character, Danvers' Kree mother, who reveals that Carol's real life began nearly as it ended. Yes, she may be known as Chewie in the comics, but one thing that comes as a surprise is that Fury is a cat person.

Captain Marvel is scheduled to open in theaters March 8, 2019.

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With just about four months away from the release of Captain Marvel, Funko has now revealed its upcoming line of Pop!

/Film visited the set of Captain Marvel (read our full set visit interview with Larson here) and learned that Kelly Sue DeConnick consulted on Captain Marvel.

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