Content creators and fans lash out at YouTube's 'Rewind' | Articles | Crisis Communications

Content creators and fans lash out at YouTube's 'Rewind' | Articles | Crisis Communications

Content creators and fans lash out at YouTube's 'Rewind' | Articles | Crisis Communications

This year's list skewed toward professional creators, with one YouTube original mixed in.

The country's number one trending video on YouTube this year is none other than Charlie Lim's updated interpretation of the classic National Day tune from '87, "We Are Singapore". Because Singaporeans like their YouTube content to be basic, videos put out by the likes of Night Owl Cinematics, Jianhao Tan, and Naomi Neo trailed close behind.

According to YouTube's year-end analysis of Singapore's video trends, we seem to be really, really patriotic people. But were they in YouTube rewind?

While the Google-owned video platform's recap is always a bit of a cameo cacophony, there's typically a theme that runs as a thread through the whole thing.

U.S. seeks Pakistan's help to establish peace in Afghanistan: PM
He said Iranian Foreign Minister Jawwad Zarif also paid a visit to Islamabad and discussed the modalities for Yemen peace process. These people crossing would be seen.

Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro" music video comes in at second place with over four million dislikes, with the Infinite Warfare trailer pulling behind in third with over 3,700,000 dislikes.

Billed by the participants as "the biggest YouTube event in history", there's no denying that this fight dominated headlines this year.

The video which was posted on February 4, 2018, has been viewed 76,828,640 times.

This time around, the Rewind was also properly joined by the tech and animator channels and they all paid tribute to the trending topics of 2018: Powerful women, Kpop, standing up for mental health, and Fortnite. and "Baby Shark".

Fallout creators and Obsidian reveal new game The Outer Worlds
Above, you can find 15 minutes of gameplay courtesy of Game Informer, who describe it as a "mix of Fallout and Mass Effect ". It also seems to feature companions and first-person shooter combat that again doesn't seem all that dissimilar to Fallout .

Viewers have also missed the popular star like PewDiePie who has the highest subscriber base across the world.

Anyway, YouTube is happy to report that local YouTubers had their subscribers double in count, with a total of eight local channel having more than a million subscribers each.

Emerging and well-known YouTube stars also showed up in a big way in the year's "Top Trending Videos" list. What better way to end the year than to thank those who made it the way it was?

Though YouTube said its content creators "controlled" the direction of its roundup, the platform's community largely-and vehemently-disagrees.

Tyler Perry pays off $400K worth of layaways
Tyler Perry just reminded everyone of the true meaning of the season. "Talk about a Merry Christmas! THANK YOU! #SparkKindness", a representative for Walmart tweeted.

At time of publication, the video has a staggering 2.2 million dislikes-more than double the 1 million likes it's garnered.

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