Five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test

Five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test

Five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test

2018 Jeep Wrangler is now being launched in many countries around the world and India is also expecting the arrival of this Iconic SUV in its latest avatar.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also had a new vehicle in the same round of Euro NCAP testing, in the form of the Jeep Wrangler. It must be noted, the Euro NCAP awarded this rating despite the Wrangler's ideal score on side-impact tests.

Armed with a seatbelt reminder and a simple driver-set speed limiter, but no other form of driver-assistance systems, the vehicle is by current overall test standards only up to a one-star rating. It lost points for not having things like automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assist - the Wrangler doesn't offer either of those things in Europe, even as an option.

The Seat Ibiza was awarded five stars in July 2017, with Matthew Avery from Thatcham Research - the only United Kingdom firm that conducts Euro NCAP crash tests - labelling it "a new benchmark in safety for the supermini price point category". It wasn't able to score more than 50 per cent in any of the test categories, and most concerning of all, it managed just 16 per cent when it came to Child Occupant Protection.

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Euro NCAP found that the connection between the A-pillar and the trans-facia beam of the Wrangler was damaged in a way that indicated the structure would be unable to withstand higher loads in a frontal offset test. "Deformation of the footwell showed that the structure had reached the limit of its integrity", read part of the report.

Elsewhere, the driver knee airbag in the new BMW X5 was found to not deploy correctly in the frontal offset test, similar to that seen with the 5 Series when it was tested a year ago. The devaluation means that the protection of knees and thighs on the passenger side was rated better than on the driver side - because there is no knee airbag installed anyway and the measured values were not corrected downwards in the sense of a penalty.

In the full-width crash test, the rear passenger protection was rated as poor - the lowest rating - while driver chest protection was marginal.

In fact, the Panda has become only the second auto ever to be awarded 0 star rating ever since Euro NCAP was founded in 1997.

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"Despite the work done by manufacturers during the development of their vehicles, Euro NCAP still sees a lack of robustness in some basic areas of safety".

The Panda also scored zero points in the frontal and lateral impact tests for 6- and 10-year old children, with weak chest protection for older kids in the frontal impact test and poor head and neck protection across the board.

Euro NCAP says the "ageing" Panda, which it last tested in 2011, has now been "comprehensively overtaken by rival superminis in the race for safety".

While the Panda originally received 80 per cent for adult protection, the latest test rated it at 45 per cent.

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