Google confirms Allo dies in March 2019, wants people to get Messages

Google confirms Allo dies in March 2019, wants people to get Messages

Google confirms Allo dies in March 2019, wants people to get Messages

Contrast the success of the Google video chat app Duo which registers ever more users. The move comes after the company paused development on the application back in April as it ported some of the features over to Messages. Now it also hasn't received any meaningful updates in quite a while, but it is a much more popular chat app from Google.

As mentioned, Allo will continue to work till March 2019, and before that users are advised to export all of their chat history from the app. There had been suggestions that Hangouts could be for the chop, but now Google has spoken out to say that this is not - quite - the case, and in fact it is Allo that will be shuttered. Even if it hadn't been a superfluous addition to the many default Android messaging apps, a raft of privacy issues, confusion, compatibility, and usability issues kept it from becoming all it could be. In fact, 9to5Google claims that Google may have meant to announce the end of Allo sooner, but pushed it back when news leaked about its plans for Hangouts.

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In a blog post shared yesterday, Google has announced that it will officially end support for the chat app by end of March 2019. According to Google, rather than resuming work on Allo, it will shutter the project and focus its efforts on Messages. Eight months later, we have a new Allo-less strategy that's no clearer than it was when the app launched in 2016. Earlier for the same reason announced the closure of Google+.Allo developers will be engaged in the development of Messaging for Android.

Android Messages and Duo.

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All of which is to say - there's a little bit more of an overarching vision now that ties Google's messaging properties together. Before it's fully offered up to Hangouts users, it'll first open up an opportunity for G Suite users to invite people outside of their organizations.

Google's Anil Sabharwal, the Vice President of Chrome, Comms and Photos for the company, has said that Allo never "achieved the level of traction that we'd hoped for". Moving all existing users over to Hangouts Chat and the video conferencing app Hangouts Meet. It is reported that the Hangouts will now be more oriented for corporate use.

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