Turkish President Erdogan slams United States sanctions against Venezuela

Turkish President Erdogan slams United States sanctions against Venezuela

Turkish President Erdogan slams United States sanctions against Venezuela

"Turkey will play a critical role in the new multi-polar, multi-centered world", Maduro said, adding that Caracas also has a "multi-polar agenda".

Turkey this year has become the largest importer of non-monetary gold from Venezuela.

"We back your efforts aimed at achieving common ground in the society and your efforts created to settle relations with the opposition", Putin told Maduro as they met at the Kremlin, according to the Russian news outlet TASS. "Naturally, we condemn any terrorist action, any attempts to use force to change the situation".

Maduro applauded Russian Federation and other allied countries for helping Venezuela "survive" through what he claimed was a concerted Western effort to end his regime.

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Earlier, the Venezuelan embassy in Russian Federation said that Maduro at his meeting with Putin was going to discuss joint projects and bilateral relations.

Maduro visited Putin past year, and during those talks, the Russian president noted that Venezuela was "going through uneasy times".

He stressed that the two countries enjoy "independent" economic relations with a high degree of transparency.

The details of Maduro's plan, or how much Putin is willing to participate in it, remain a mystery at press time.

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President Erdogan has promised to boost his unlikely and bourgeoning alliance with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro on the first state visit of a Turkish president to the South American country.

"No details, let's wait for the negotiations", Peskov insisted.

In the face of such threats, Ankara will work to enhance trade ties with Venezuela to help the Latin American state deal with its economic crisis, Erdogan said.

"We are going to cover the majority of Venezuela's needs, we have that strength, I would like to highlight this fact", Erdogan told business leaders. "It all [Russia's help to Venezuela] will be discussed at today's meeting".

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"Turkish investors will continue to develop and strengthen trade and the progress in oil production and refineries, petrochemicals for gold production, in diamonds, coltan, iron aluminum and tourism", said the Venezuelan president.

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