This is the best time to see tonight’s Quadrantid meteor shower

This is the best time to see tonight’s Quadrantid meteor shower

This is the best time to see tonight’s Quadrantid meteor shower

Meteor showers usually occur when particles of comet debris enter our atmosphere and burn up, appearing as shooting stars.

According to daily radio series EarthSky, the peak of the shower will unfold from the morning of January 4 (Friday) into the first few hours of January 5 (Qatar time).

Compared to other meteor showers such as Geminids or Orionids, the Quadrantids can be harder to observe due to their small peak time. The meteors will be higher in the sky and more visible from Europe.

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The meteor shower will hit its peak at about midnight, with meteors raining down on Earth until dawn.

The last time that Qatar had an encounter with meteor showers was back in November past year when annual meteors "Taurid and Leonid" appeared in the skies of Doha. The "best" time will be late in the evening.

It's probably going to be cold too, so you better bundle up.

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For optimal viewing, it's recommended you drive away from the city and any bright lights - places like the grounds of the Lake Afton Public Observatory or a countryside spot are ideal.

"The radiant point for the Quadrantids is easy to find as it sits near the Big Dipper, one of the most well-known constellations in the sky". That's because the Quadrantids' namesake constellation no longer exists - at least, not as a recognized constellation.

Here are Nasa's tips for viewing the Quadrantids: 'Come prepared for winter weather with a sleeping bag, blanket or lawn chair.

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On its website, NASA advised those keen on watching the celestial event to lie flat on their back, facing northeast.

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