HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos VR headsets

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos VR headsets

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos VR headsets

Explaining more about the system, Drew Bamford, VP, Creative Labs, HTC Vive said in a statement: "Our philosophy has always been focused on developing great products and experiences that create a natural and effortless bridge from the real world to the virtual world and with Vive Reality System we set out to reimagine Vive's core software experience to meet these needs". Almost half a decade later, VR still isn't something people are desperate to own, and they don't feel the loss as they've never tried it.

Besides just enabling new controller-less experiences, the company also notes the new headset could have a significant impact on accessibility since it could open up VR experiences to people who aren't able to use traditional hand controllers.

The MLB, for example, has used the Vive Pro Eye for its Home Run Derby VR game. Why not just say that? Will it be wired?

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Details about how much it costs, what it can do, or when it's going to launch were not yet revealed, though HTC said on Twitter it is "coming soon".

It's clearly an eyelash-flutter to gamers, telling them that HTC still cares for them, but didn't tell them why they should stay interested. Unlike the HTC Vive Pro, the Vive Cosmos features a simpler setup, removing the need for an external base station and including the ability to attach to a wider range of PCs.

Because, if we haven't made it clear enough yet, VR is still a really cool experience.

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Following last year's introduction of the Vive Pro for business customers, HTC today unveiled the HTC Vive Pro Eye, a headset with integrated eye tracking. It still could very well be the future of entertainment.

Changing the way you look at virtual reality.

HTC's best VR headset just got a lot more exciting. The world will flock to VR when you make the headsets easy to use, cheaper and less cumbersome, we have no doubt about that - but we need to believe that future is still on the way. A render that appeared on-screen during HTC's CES press conference clearly showed a smartphone form factor overlaid onto the headset, though the company stopped short of outright saying it would work with smartphones.

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