Chrome's Ad Blocker Goes Worldwide in July

Chrome's Ad Blocker Goes Worldwide in July

Chrome's Ad Blocker Goes Worldwide in July

Google has confirmed that it is making the native ad-block functionality in its Chrome web browser an worldwide experience, starting in July this year.

The Better Ads Standards consists of 12 ad experiences that research found to be particularly annoying to users.

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Jackson's new accusers, both now in their 30s, in the documentary have so far not been named in promotional material. He settled for $23million when allegations were levied over claims he molested Jordan Chandler, 13, in 1994.

Chrome will protect users from intrusive ads in any country starting on July 9, according to Google's Chromium blog. Now, the Coalition is expanding - and Google is following suit by expanding the on-by-default blocker to all worldwide users later this year. Among them are auto-playing ads with sound, flashing animated ads, and ads occupying inordinately large areas of the display. Today, the Better Ads Standards lists 12 ad experiences that are considered to have a negative impact.

Google stepped up its battle against bad web ads by joining the Coalition for Better Ads and blocking disruptive promos in its Chrome browser across North America and Europe.

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As was the case with the initial rollout of its ad blocker, the date does not coincide with a new version of its browser as Chrome 76 will arrive on May 30th and Chrome 77 is set to launch on July 25th. It's been great news for those of us in the U.S., Canada, and Europe so far, as it means tens of thousands of websites no longer display those aggressive adverts.

This announcement comes on the back of a release from the Collation, that it's applying its standards to ads run beyond North America and Europe.

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As Google has stated many times before, Chrome's built-in ad blocker aims to strike a balance between all-blocking ad blockers that hurt revenue for websites offering free content, and abusive sites that bombard users with intrusive ads without providing any meaningful content. The search giant says two-thirds of the websites previously breaching the guidelines have altered their strategy to comply with them, and that it has only filtered one percent of ads using this scheme out of millions it investigated.

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