$136 Billion And Amazon In The Middle Of Jeff Bezos' Divorce

$136 Billion And Amazon In The Middle Of Jeff Bezos' Divorce

$136 Billion And Amazon In The Middle Of Jeff Bezos' Divorce

U.S. tabloid claims Jeff Bezos has been dating former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez since June WASHINGTON Hours after Jeff Bezos announced his divorce from his wife of 25 years MacKenzie came reports that the Amazon CEO has been involved with a former TV anchor for the past seven months. As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have chose to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends.

"This is such an over-owned company and this gives them an excuse to say "Maybe I'll trim some back because it adds a new question mark", he said.

The National Enquirer revealed on Thursday it had tailed the billionaire for four months across five states as he engaged in secret trysts with Lauren Sanchez, a former Fox presenter.

The couple announced their divorce by releasing a joint statement. Virtually all of that is tied up in the almost 79 million shares of Amazon stock that he owns. The couple owned a home in Seattle and have socialised with the Bezoses in the past, the New York Post reported.

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A near-drowning had left the woman in a persistent vegetative state for almost a decade. A woman who gave birth in a vegetative state was reportedly raped several times.

Even though Bezos wasn't rich at the time, the divorce is likely to make his ex-wife the richest woman in the world.

Sanchez and Bezos reportedly became close after he hired her to shoot aerials for one of his projects. Sanchez has two children with Whitesell, a WWE/IMG agent.

FBN's Liz MacDonald and Ashley Webster on the potential fallout from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' divorce from his wife MacKenzie Bezos. The 49-year-old has also appeared as a guest host on "The View".

The divorce between Bezos and wife, MacKenzie, may be more complicated than originally expected. Divorce laws in Washington state, where they live, hold that property acquired during a marriage is generally divided equally between spouses.

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No information is available on how the couple are dealing with the financial implication of the divorce.

Sources close to Jeff however told TMZ that the relationship with Lauren began after Jeff and Mackenzie's separation.

"When you are talking over US$100 billion there is enough to go around".

Bezos has a current net worth of $137 billion (down from last year's $160 billion), while Amazon is the most valuable company in the world with a total worth of $810 billion.

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Even if Bezos were exempted from filing a Form 4, he would be required to update promptly the record of his Amazon holdings on file with the SEC if his position in the company changed by 1 per cent or more, said D.C. securities lawyer Thomas Gorman.

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