Shutdown 'Puts US Food Supply at Risk'

Shutdown 'Puts US Food Supply at Risk'

Shutdown 'Puts US Food Supply at Risk'

That means the inspectors who work for the FDA have been furloughed, making it much harder for them to inspect the 80% of the nation's food supply that they oversee.

The government shutdown has put America's food supply at risk despite the best efforts of the Food and Drug Administration, experts warn.

He said he's working to bring back inspectors as early as next week to restart inspections of the high-risk facilities.

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FDA investigations and recalls related to outbreaks continue under the shutdown because of the immediate health concerns. Many USDA offices are closed during the shutdown but those inspections continue as usual, according to the agency's shutdown contingency plan. A meeting Wednesday between congressional leaders and President Donald Trump ended abruptly, with the president storming out when Democratic lawmakers refused to fund a wall at the U.S. -Mexico border. "I said bye-bye, nothing else works!" FDA actually changed its travel policies last week so inspectors can charge travel expenses to a government account instead of personal credit cards. Almost 7,000 of the agency's 17,000 employees are furloughed.

From lettuce, to cereal and even ice cream - the FDA commissioner sent some stern tweets about potential candidates in food. "There's no question of whether it's business as usual at FDA", FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told NBC News.

"We are doing what we can to mitigate any risk to consumers through the shutdown", Gottlieb said.

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"We're still doing ALL our regular foreign food inspections", Gottlieb said on Twitter.

"We are still performing those inspections and do routine sampling in both processors and retail establishments", said Heather Lansdowne with the Kansas State Department of Agriculture.

Furloughed workers can start applying for unemployment benefits, or search for another job - things they cannot do if they're called back to work.

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