Foreign Ministry denounces Israel's opening of 'Apartheid Road' in Jerusalem

Foreign Ministry denounces Israel's opening of 'Apartheid Road' in Jerusalem

Foreign Ministry denounces Israel's opening of 'Apartheid Road' in Jerusalem

He was referring to Palestinian attacks against Israelis, which in recent years have included sometimes deadly car-rammings and stabbings. It will make it easier for Israelis living in settlements south of Ramallah to enter Jerusalem.

Hundreds of Zionist settlers raided the Urata village in the southeastern part of the West Bank city of Nablus and made provocative acts, the Palestinian sources said.

Worldwide law views the entire West Bank as "occupied territory" and considers all Israeli settlement building there to be illegal.

Palestinian officials and activists on the other hand have condemned the road as an example of Israeli apartheid and racism against Palestinians.

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Palestinian cartographer Khalil al-Tafakji warned Palestinian media outlets that opening the new road serves as a "prelude to displacing Palestinians from the area and starting settlement construction in the so-called E1 corridor".

Maale Adumim, a settlement with more than 40,000 residents on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem, could become a suburb like any other, he said.

The Palestinian Authority, in turn, remains in conflict with the Israeli government, though many global powers are pushing increasingly hard to facilitate a two-state solution to the multi-year crisis.

In 2002, Israel began building a security barrier separating Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank in an bid to bolster security following the Second Intifada; Palestinians dubbed the undertaking the "apartheid road" and have repeatedly called for it to be taken down.

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Palestinian Aisha Al-Rabi, a mother of eight, died after Jewish settlers stoned her vehicle in the West Bank.

Still, he sees an advantage with the new road.

Qaysi says the road has cut his journey to the neighbouring village of Anata to a few minutes instead of half an hour or more.

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