Man who killed officer said he was hit by ultrasonic waves

Man who killed officer said he was hit by ultrasonic waves

Man who killed officer said he was hit by ultrasonic waves

The gunman who ambushed and killed a California cop left behind a letter ranting about how police were targeting him with "ultra sonic waves", authorities said.

The note found in his home reads in part, "the Davis police are hitting me with ultrasonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking".

Davis police Officer Natalie Corona, 22, who graduated from a training academy and completed her field training just before Christmas, had responded to a three-car crash when she was shot, the newspaper reported.

The man accused of murdering a California police officer was ordered to surrender an AR-15 in another case previous year.

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In the letter, Limbaugh said he notified internal affairs, the media and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

There's no way to know when the note was typed, Davis police Lt. Paul Doroshov told, adding that the note was found during a search of Limbaugh's apartment. I am highly sensitive to its affect (sic) on my inner ear.

"He shouted some stuff, went back in and came back out with a firearm, then went back inside, pushed a couch in front of the door and officers heard a gunshot", Pytel said. "As for the placement of the note, which was found face-up on Limbaugh's bed, "I really can't speculate as to why it was there like that".

Doroshov said investigators found two semiautomatic handguns at Limbaugh's apartment and were trying to determine how he obtained them.

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Police said a gunman on a bicycle ambushed the officer, shooting her from the shadows as she investigated a auto accident, then reloaded and narrowly avoided wounding others before walking home. The woman with the backpack was uninjured. The chief said as police began to surround it, he stepped outside wearing a bulletproof vest. He emerged a second time with a gun before retreating.

The shooting wasn't Limbaugh's first brush with the law.

The 48-year-old man had been ordered to surrender an AR-15 rifle in November after being convicted in a battery case stemming from an altercation where he punched a co-worker at the Cache Creek Casino Resort in the face.

This would end a manhunt for the person who killed Corona last night. The event was filled with speeches by local politicians and musical performances, according to the Bee.

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