Microsoft’s latest security patches have now broken parts of Windows 10

Microsoft’s latest security patches have now broken parts of Windows 10

Microsoft’s latest security patches have now broken parts of Windows 10

"Without reserved storage, if a user nearly fills up her or his storage, several Windows and application scenarios become unreliable", Microsoft explained in a blog post.

In a new low, Microsoft has announced that it will soon reserve more than 7GB of your storage just for the upcoming updates.

A tweak to the Activation Servers saw happily licensed Windows 7 users suddenly presented with "Windows is not genuine"-type notifications from 10:00 UTC on January 8, surprising BOFHs already dealing with loss of folder sharing for some users thanks to the January update". This is a security patch which addresses a number of flaws including a hole in PowerShell, an issue with the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, and a Windows DHCP client memory corruption vulnerability (plus gremlins in the works for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and more).

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"When apps and system processes create temporary files, these files will automatically be placed into reserved storage".

The company sources revealed that reserved storage feature has been introduced to solve the problems associated with the installation of Windows 10.

Users can gain space back from Reserved Storage by checking to see if they are using so-called "optional features", which are applications that may have been preinstalled on a PC. Microsoft says the reserved storage will be up to 7GB, but it will vary over time depending upon how you use your device.

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The change was reverted the following day, but systems will remain affected until administrators remove an earlier update, KB971033. This is especially important for devices with limited storage space, and have nearly all of them used up.

"When it's time for an update, the temporary unneeded OS files in the reserved storage will be deleted and update will use the full reserve area", Microsoft's announcement explained.

A "feature update", which upgrades the operating system and arrives twice per year, can require "6GB-11GB or more of free space", according to a Microsoft support article.

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