Resident Evil 2 Remake "1-Shot" Demo Is An Unusual One

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake "1-Shot" Demo Is An Unusual One

Often cited as a prime example of a sequel done right, Resident Evil 2 was a runaway success on its 1998 release for the PlayStation. The Japanese version of the demo features far less detail in its viscera, particularly noted in the slimy scenes featured in the tweet below. It's no surprise, then, that over 1.1 million gamers have played the demo in the two days since launch, that is according to Resident Evil's official website. It's possible, as Resident Evil 7 also fell foul of some censors in Capcom's homeland. A demo will be available to download from January 11 through January 31.

Do you need to be online play the Resident Evil 2 demo? Once it is downloaded to your PS4 or Xbox One, for example, you will be able to play the demo through once on every account saved on the machine.

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Early in the demo, you'll encounter a police officer who screams for your help. You'll only get 30 minutes to complete the demo.

Once you complete the demo, you'll get to view an exclusive new cinematic trailer. A new trainer lets players stop the time counter, and take advantage of all the cheating tools you might expect from that type of software.

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Being a remake of 20-year old game, Resident Evil 2 does away with fixed camera angles featured in the original.

While you can not replay the demo after your 30 minutes are up using the same account, there are ways of replaying it. Progress does not carry over to the full game, meaning you'll be starting from the very beginning.

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