Trump Refutes Reports About Hiding Details of Talks With Putin

Trump Refutes Reports About Hiding Details of Talks With Putin

Trump Refutes Reports About Hiding Details of Talks With Putin

US officials say there is no detailed record, even in classified files, of Trump's meetings with Putin at five locations over the past two years, according to the Post.

The president's secrecy "is not only unusual by historical standards, it is outrageous", Strobe Talbott, former deputy secretary of state under Bill Clinton.

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Trump blasted the FBI on Twitter, insisting it acted "for no reason & with no proof" when it opened the investigation.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller III is now investigating whether Trump's campaign had ties to Russian Federation during the election, but there is no timetable when the final report will be released.

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"Wow, just learned in the Failing New York Times that the corrupt former leaders of the FBI, nearly all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons, opened up an investigation on me, for no reason & with no proof, after I fired Lyin' James Comey, a total sleaze!"

The Trump administration "has imposed significant new sanctions in response to Russian malign activities", said the spokesman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity and noted that Tillerson in 2017 "gave a fulsome readout of the meeting immediately afterward to other USA officials in a private setting, as well as a readout to the press".

"The FBI was in complete turmoil (see N.Y. Post) because of Comey's poor leadership", he tweeted.

When asked by Pirro on Saturday about the Times' report and whether he had ever worked for Russia, Trump said, "I think it's the most insulting thing I've ever been asked".

Trump began the day calling his firing of Comey "a great day for America" in a tweetstorm of outrage over the Times story.

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But in the age of Trump, the Democratic-controlled House cements its top agenda item will be various Trump investigations.

"Everyone knows there was no collusion [with Russia]", Trump added.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the report "outrageously inaccurate" and said that Trump has taken a stricter line on Russian Federation than his predecessors.

Trump said that it was "the most insulting article I've ever had written [about me]" on Saturday, and asserted that he has been "tougher on Russian Federation than anybody else, any other - probably any other president period".

It is unusual for these meetings of these nature to not be reported, as per past presidential standards, the Post notes, especially considering allegations of Russian Federation interfering in the 2016 election.

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His former personal lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for campaign finance and fraud crimes while his campaign chief Paul Manafort was convicted of financial fraud.

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