Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown

Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown

Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown

More than half of Americans hold President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers mainly responsible for the ongoing longest partial federal shutdown in the USA history, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday. "We can build the wall, but if we're not gonna do it in Congress. we need to let the president declare that emergency".

A day earlier, he said he was not ready to do it "right now".

President Donald Trump denied "chaos" in the White House amid the ongoing government shutdown, claiming on Saturday that there's "almost nobody in the W.H. but me".

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has floated a plan for Trump to tap monies seized from drug cartels to pay for the construction of a border wall. "[White House] but me, and I do have a plan on the Shutdown", Trump said.

Philip Rucker, the White House bureau chief at the Washington Post, went on to say that Trump's latest tweets about the shutdown appeared to be in response to Rucker's appearance on NBC's Today Saturday morning.

But he argued that reopening the government and attempting to find a legislative solution, then declaring a national emergency if those talks don't bear fruit, is the best way forward. He said he was giving Congress a chance to "act responsibly".

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Negotiations have been stalled again because the House adjourned and several Democrats headed to Puerto Rico for a vacation with lobbyists, much to the chagrin of President Trump who is waiting to work out a deal at the White House. Ben Cardin of Maryland to guarantee back pay for federal workers who have been furloughed during the government shutdown. Paychecks were due Friday, but many workers received stubs with zeroes.

"These guys have got to be really angry at each other", Gingrich said.

About 800,000 federal workers missed their pay for the first time Friday - at least some receiving pay stubs for $0.00 - as unions sued the government for requiring their members to work without pay.

Democrats in Congress rejected Trump's request that legislation to fund the government include $5.7 billion of taxpayer money for a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Donald Trump only recently backed away from talk of an emergency declaration. Independents fix the blame squarely on the president and his party rather than on the Democrats, by 53 per cent to 23 per cent. Women blame Trump and Republicans by a margin of 35 points, and men blame the president and the GOP by 13 points.

Nevertheless the administration has accelerated planning for it.

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His main reason for this optimism centers on a deal that Democrats could strike with Republicans that would protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients in return for wall funding.

The White House has been laying the groundwork for an emergency declaration, feared by members of both parties.

In his nationally televised address he delivered from the Oval Office on Tuesday, Trump asserted that there is a humanitarian and security crisis at the border because of illegal immigration. Independents are more apt to blame Trump (48% to 34%), and are most likely to say both sides are responsible (14%).

Radha Muthiah, head of Capital Area Food Bank, said dozens of volunteers were working to pack bags of food for affected staff.

"It's the last option, not the first option, but we're pretty close to that being the only option", he said. The person was unauthorized to discuss private sessions and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The investigation became a part of special counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry into potential collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump election campaign.

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