If Kamala Runs, She Should Resign

If Kamala Runs, She Should Resign

If Kamala Runs, She Should Resign

"The chatter in the cloak room is that we have hundreds of thousands of Americans who are not going to get paid, and they're not getting paid because the president of the United States has a vanity project that he doesn't want to give up", Harris said.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris will announce she's running for president either on or shortly after Martin Luther King Jr.

At every stop, when asked about running for president, Harris has answered with some variation of "I'm not ready yet" to announce her decision, citing family considerations.

"I might", the laughing former attorney general of California teased host Stephen Colbert.

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If all goes as planned, per the source to CBS News, the announcement will come from Oakland, where Harris was born.

Harris risks appearing indecisive, or worse, disingenuous, if she holds off on announcing her decision much longer, warns veteran Democratic strategist Darry Sragow, the publisher of the nonpartisan California Target Book, who teaches political science at USC. And the need for such defense has never been greater than right now, with the Trump administration and GOP leaders-including Kevin McCarthy-declaring war on our state.

In her new memoir, "The Truths We Hold", Harris described her anger watching her mother become a target because she was "brown-skinned" and how that has driven her efforts to enhance the legal and humanitarian protections over immigrants coming into the US. We are seeing shifting populations for a variety of reasons, including what we need to talk more about, which is climate change.

In October, Harris visited Iowa, South Carolina and Wisconsin, but it was to campaign for Democratic candidates ahead of the midterm elections. She'd also be a stronger presidential candidate if she focused on that campaign.

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Beyond the book, Harris supported legislation that passed the Senate late previous year and overhauls the criminal justice system, especially when it comes to sentencing rules.

While Harris said that she took "full responsibility", she did not apologize and did not acknowledge the alleged victim involved in the incident.

Harris, who just launched a book tour, recently told NPR she had "not made up [her] mind" about making a presidential bid. And yes, she would raise California's profile and amplify her voice, which would be useful if she returns to the Senate after a campaign.

"I think she is introducing bold ideas that should be discussed".

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