Scientists expect cure for cancer in 1 year

Scientists expect cure for cancer in 1 year

Scientists expect cure for cancer in 1 year

A team of scientists in Israel has claimed it will offer the first-ever complete cure for cancer within a year.

"We believe we will offer in a year's time a complete cure for cancer", said Dan Aridor, chairman of the company's board.

Aridor, meanwhile, said it will work from "Day 1" and will cause "no or minimal side effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments".

"Our solution will be both generic and personal", he added. Every sixth death in the world is attributed to cancer. Smith (University of Missouri), and Sir Gregory P. Winter (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge) jointly won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work in "the directed evolution of enzymes" and "for the phage display of peptides and antibodies".

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"We were doing what everyone else was doing, trying to discover individual novel peptides for specific cancers", Morad recalled.

But before we get too excited, apparently the treatment has only been tested on mice so far. Then they had to find a counter product. And he says it will "dramatically decrease side effects because it does not target non-cancerous cells as current cancer drugs do".

Mutations in the targets - or downstream in their physiological pathways - could make the targets not relevant to the cancer nature of the cell, and hence the drug attacking it is rendered ineffective... "Instead of attacking the receivers one at a time, we attack the receivers three at a time; even cancer can not mutate three receptors at the same time".

Another reason why cancer drugs fail and the disease returns is because the drugs do not destroy cancer stem cells. Once the treatment is over, the cells generate cancer again.

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He said, "the key to the success of this research is apparently the focus of this experimental treatment approach on several abnormalities in cancer cells at the same time, limiting the ability of the cancer cell to change its genetic pattern and become resistant to typical treatments".

This miracle drug is called MuTaTo, or multi-target toxin.

He added: "My colleagues here at American Cancer Society tell me phage or peptide display techniques, while very powerful research tools for selecting high affinity binders, have had a hard road as potential drugs". He stated, "This should make the whole molecule non-immunogenic in most cases and would enable repeated administration of the drug".

The rate of people dying from cancer in the United States seems to have dropped steadily for 25 years, a new study says, but disparities remain between the rich and the poor.

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