Student Dies 10 Hours After Eating 5-Day-Old Spaghetti

Student Dies 10 Hours After Eating 5-Day-Old Spaghetti

Student Dies 10 Hours After Eating 5-Day-Old Spaghetti

The case, originally featured in the US Journal of Clinical Microbiology, happened in 2008, but its details were recently shared by Dr Bernard on his YouTube channel.

According to Dr Bernard, who looked into the freakish story on his Youtube channel, AJ put the bowl of stale food in the microwave to heat it up and ate it for lunch, not realising it was five days old.

The young man, 20, became violently ill, vomiting frequently, after scoffing the leftover spaghetti with tomato sauce.

A student died after eating a bowl of pasta that was left on a bench for five days.

AJ vomited for several hours and went to bed at around midnight to try and sleep it off but was found dead by his parents 11 hours later when he failed to turn up for college in Brussels, Belgium.

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Dr Bernard, a licensed practitioner, said cases like this aren't very common though they have been written about in the past, with patients dying "within hours" of presenting with the symptoms.

"Although we can not incriminate B cereus as the direct and unique cause of death, the present case illustrates the severity of the emetic and diarrhoeal syndromes and the importance of adequate refrigeration of prepared food", he said.

According to, illness caused by bacillus cereus can be caused by a "variety of foods".

Following his death, the leftover pasta was tested by the National Reference Laboratory for Food-borne Outbreaks.

He added that AJ's case is uncommon, but not unheard of.

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"The food poisoning that results from it is usually self-limiting, meaning one can recover from it through intrinsic bodily functions".

Professor Barnard claims AJ's death was not a typical food poising case, and that liver failure was triggered in part by an overdose of stomach medication.

The report's authors said the pasta had been stored at room temperature before the the student warmed it up in the microwave.

While he said AJ's case was an extreme case of food poisoning, Professor Barnard warned against eating leftovers that "smelled funny" and to adopt the "better to be safe than sorry" method and bin any questionable food.

The video has been viewed two million times and attracted more than 16,000 comments since it was uploaded in January 21.

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On Reddit, one viewer said: "That was kinda dumb but not really something you expect to kill you a day later".

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