Delta passengers are mad about the airline’s creepy-as-hell napkins

Delta passengers are mad about the airline’s creepy-as-hell napkins

Delta passengers are mad about the airline’s creepy-as-hell napkins

What's so offensive about a napkin, you might ask? But for a brief time this winter, Delta Air Lines wanted to help passengers make it a reality - by gently nudging them to hit on other passengers.

Both Atlanta-based brands issued statements on Thursday regretting the napkins, which started to appear on flights last month.

"Napkins received from @Delta on Wednesday flight seem unintentionally creepy, especially after reading the smaller print. Swing and a miss, @DietCoke", another passenger, @MJJoe, wrote.

There were also spaces to write down a telephone number and a name.

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Others, however, said they like the napkins, with one calling them clever and another saying they support Delta.

The companies have pulled Diet Coke napkins (see them here) that encouraged people to write down their phone number on them and hand them to their "plane crush", reports Fox News.

"These napkins are creepy AF", one passenger posted to Twitter. "Honestly I wish this is how all men and women said hi", he said.

The napkins, a collaboration between Delta and Diet Coke on USA flights, did not end in romance, given that many social media users pronounced them "creepy".

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Many found those suggestions creepy. "Not a good look", wrote one passenger on Twitter. "We are sorry for that and began removing the napkins from our aircraft in January", a statement from the airline read.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson said: 'We sincerely apologize to anyone we may have offended. "Sad world, but nice try & not #creepy".

One woman thanked Delta for helping out singles, while another said she was disappointed she couldn't take advantage of the napkins on her next flight.

"I didn't feel encouragement to do anything with other passengers just cuz of the piece of paper under my drink", he wrote.

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'Someone in procurement over ordered the napkins, ' joked Dr.

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