2018 the fourth-hottest year in history

2018 the fourth-hottest year in history

2018 the fourth-hottest year in history

The climate report is an annual summary of research compiled by scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

According to NOAA, 2018 was Arizona's second warmest year ever recorded, one of a dozen states with similarly high temperature averages.

The UN's World Meterological Organisation said in November that 2018 was set to be the fourth warmest year in recorded history, stressing the urgent need for action to rein in runaway planetary warming.

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"The five warmest years have, in fact, been the last five years" said Gavin A. Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the New York Times reports.

Specifically, NASA said global temperatures in 2018 were 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit above the average from 1951 to 1980.

Since the 1880s, the average global surface temperature has risen about one degree Celsius. Their separate analyses add to decades of evidence that the burning of fossil fuels, the clearing of forests and other human activities are releasing heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and causing the planet to warm. Shown here are 2017 global temperature data from satellites. While most people associate climate change with rising sea levels and melting glaciers, the effects of global warming are more profound than most realize.

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Even an increase of 1.5 degrees will have dire consequences, according to the United Nations science panel on climate change.

But the USA did get soaked in 2018, says Deke Arndt, a climate scientist with NOAA. Indeed, that natural variation is why climate scientists look primarily at temperature trends over long timescales and don't give too much significance to a single hot or cold year. Scientists have linked climate change to more destructive hurricanes like Michael and Florence a year ago, and have found links to such phenomena as the polar vortex, which last week delivered bone-chilling blasts to the American Midwest and Northeast.

Dr. Schmidt spoke of these markers not as cliffs that the world would plunge over, however, but part of a continuing slide toward increasing levels of harm. The WMO said heightened temperatures also contributed to a number of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, droughts and flash flooding.

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Government shutdowns can delay the collection and timely release of important scientific information, as was the case with the information released today.

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