Future Samsung S Pen May Come With Camera and Optical Zoom

Future Samsung S Pen May Come With Camera and Optical Zoom

Future Samsung S Pen May Come With Camera and Optical Zoom

The patent suggests that Samsung is planning to make a change to its S Pen and describes a method of including a camera into the S Pen that will feature one lens and an image sensor on it.

As per the patent, Samsung's advanced stylus will also include a battery and a prism in the optical path for conversion of signals. A patent, while interesting is no confirmation that Samsung will introduce this kind of a S Pen.

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The S Pen will connect wired or wirelessly to a phone, likely to be able to transfer images over. It was first spotted by Patently Mobile and brought to our attention by our buddies at TechRadar. Although it is hard to digest that the upcoming Galaxy Note device will be missing the selfie camera and as per a guess, the S Pen has to be connected with the smartphone while taking a selfie so that even the user can have a preview of the same.

This would result in a more expansive screen and remove the need for a display notch. And if the camera is good enough, imagine how stable your videos could be when you're holding a pen that only weighs an ounce or two. Like in case with all other patents, it's not like we would see the new functionality on the Galaxy Note 9 successor.

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While the patent does note (no pun intended), that it is meant to be used for an upcoming Galaxy Note phone, it doesn't say when or how. Using the extra space in the stylus opens up an opportunity to include a wider range of optical zoom options. This could be ideal when taking notes during a meeting or lecture, allowing users to snap a photo of a presentation slide via the S-Pen to convert it to text, much like Google Lens and Microsoft's Office Lens. I'm not sure about you but using a stylus to take a picture doesn't seem to be practical as it would be hard to frame your shot.

It's unclear if/when we can expect this tech in a new smartphone (although the patent mentions support for notebooks and monitors too).

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