Alliance Of American Football Debut Draws Millions Of Viewers On CBS

Alliance Of American Football Debut Draws Millions Of Viewers On CBS

Alliance Of American Football Debut Draws Millions Of Viewers On CBS

After watching the first game of the Alliance of American Football, it's hard to not be excited.

First and for most, the production quality of this game was really good.

There are no extra points; every touchdown is followed by a two-point conversion attempt. With week one in the books, things are actually looking pretty good.

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Though perhaps the best touchdown of the game came on a Philly special from wide receiver Jalin Marshall to Gilbert in the second quarter. I think the fans had a good time tonight.

The football was fun and fast-paced, they're trying some new innovations like transparency on instant replay that might translate well to the NFL, the TV production was well done, the fans sounded like they thought they were getting their money's worth, and, most importantly, it's football at a time of year when we otherwise wouldn't have any to watch. Wide receiver Charles Johnson led all receivers with four catches for 60 yards. Running back Akeem Hunt had 10 carries for 73 yards to lead the team in rushing. Orlando finished with four sacks, seven quarterback hits and seven tackles-for-loss. They also had three interceptions with linebacker Terence Garvin having two of them and returning one 51-yards for a touchdown. Sunday will now feature two more games worth of action in the new pro football league, and the nightcap of the festivities will feature the Salt Lake Stallions traveling to face the Arizona Hotshots in Western Conference action.

If you're old enough to remember, the XFL also drew monster numbers during their opening night, but it showed not to be sustainable over the course of the season, which is why the league folded after one season. The Saturday overnight ratings for CBS's San Antonio Commanders vs. San Diego Fleet AAF matchup were greater than ABC's NBA Primetime matchup featuring the Rockets and Thunder.

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The quality of play is comparable to the second halves of preseason games, with players who look like they're about good enough to be on National Football League practice squads. That, combined with the rule tweaks and innovations from the AAF, will determine if fans will continue to stay interested or will become interested in this league after this initial game. That game will be played on February 17 at 4PM EST.

Games will be carried on CBS, NFL Network and Turner.

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