Suspected DUI driver dances throughout sobriety test in Florida

Suspected DUI driver dances throughout sobriety test in Florida

Suspected DUI driver dances throughout sobriety test in Florida

- Body camera video of a suspected DUI driver dancing through a sobriety test may seem comical, but authorities in Holiday, Florida want to remind drivers of the serious, and potentially deadly consequences of driving under the influence. Needless to say, he did not pass the test.

Pasco County sheriff's deputies found Christopher Larson, 33, asleep in his vehicle with the engine running and brake lights on in front of a business in Holiday around 2 a.m.

When Larson got out of his truck, he did not realize that it was still running and it began to roll forward. A deputy reportedly had to jump in the auto to stop it from causing damage.

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The deputy asked the man, 33-year-old Christopher Ryan Larson, to begin performing tasks related to a sobriety test. A breath sample showed Larson had a.28 BAC at the time, deputies say - more than three times the legal limit.

Larson is accused of then getting out of the vehicle while his auto was still in drive.

The move was a fail as deputies charged him with DUI anyway.

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The body cam video shows Larson, wearing a white T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, striding along a straight line while periodically strutting his stuff.

Larson told Fox 13 News that he was not 'dancing, ' but would not comment further on his arrest.

When asked if he knew where he was, Larson said he was in Clearwater - which is about 16 miles south of Holiday.

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He was eventually arrested and told the deputy that he thought he was in Clearwater, Florida - not Holiday.

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