Whitaker Cuts off Nadler: 'I See That Your Five Minutes is Up

Whitaker Cuts off Nadler: 'I See That Your Five Minutes is Up

Whitaker Cuts off Nadler: 'I See That Your Five Minutes is Up

The dispute emerged amid reports that Democrat and committee chairman Jerrold Nadler was planning to subpoena Mr Whitaker to testify about his interactions with President Donald Trump.

Democrats who perceive Whitaker as a Trump loyalist were expected to ask him whether he has made any commitments to the president about Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and whether he has shared with Trump any inside information. We have agreed to five-minute rounds, ' said Whitaker, the only one in the room who appeared unaware that committee chairmen can bend the rules almost at will.

However, he said, "I have not spoken to the president about the special counsel's investigation".

Whitaker laid the groundwork for a likely tussle with Democrats by saying in his opening statement that while he would address their questions, he would not reveal details of his communications with the Republican president.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) denounced the "theatrics" of the proceedings and said they were "nothing more than a character assassination".

"Bring your popcorn", he said.

In his prepared opening statement, Whitaker said he meant to protect executive privilege involving his "deliberations or conversations" with the President, citing "long-standing executive branch policy".

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But Whitaker's appointment has always been a test for how Democrats will use their newfound majority to flex their oversight muscles.

"But you wouldn't oversee a witch hunt, would you?"

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Thursday to recommend that the full Senate confirm Barr as attorney general, which could happen as soon as next week. "In the current environment, the American people have to know that there are places in government where the rule of law-not politics-holds sway, and where they will be treated fairly based exclusively on the facts and an even-handed application of the law", he said during his testimony last month.

The acting attorney general said that Mueller was would finish the probe "when he wants to finish his investigation".

"I have and will continue to manage this investigation in a manner that is consistent with the governing regulations", he said in his opening remarks.

He was also pushed to explain his decision not to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.

Republicans repeatedly tried to divert the discussion from the topic of the special counsel, instead trying to focus on other functions of the Justice Department. The question that this Committee must now ask is: "Why?"

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It was when Whitaker reminded Rep. He added that he has not denied any funds to the special counsel's investigation.

Whitaker said he'd read the memo. In response to Nadler's questions, Whitaker insisted that he has "not interfered in any way" with the ongoing probe.

There was tension on Capitol Hill Friday, when acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker testified before the house judiciary committee. He even blasted the Republican Ranking Member for not asking him questions about the DOJ's efforts on religious liberty or other issues important to him. The committee and Justice Department eventually agreed he would voluntarily appear on February 8. The letter declared Whitaker wouldn't appear before the panel, unless members withdrew a subpoena, compelling his testimony.

'In your capacity as acting attorney general, have you ever been asked to approve any action or request to be taken by the special counsel?' he asked.

Whitaker would only say as acting attorney general he had to "set the tone for the entire department".

"Mr. Whitaker, like everyone else at the Department of Justice, you are entitled to your political opinions", Democratic committee chair Jared Nadler said at the start of Friday's hearing. "You don't run the Congress of the United States, and you don't run the Judiciary Committee", Raskin snapped.

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