Orange Vanilla Coke Is the First New Flavor In Over 10 Years

Orange Vanilla Coke Is the First New Flavor In Over 10 Years

Orange Vanilla Coke Is the First New Flavor In Over 10 Years

Hitting shelves across the USA from February 25, the new flavor will be available in both the original and Zero Sugar lines.

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Before settling on Orange Vanilla, Coke considered raspberry, lemon, and ginger flavored versions of the drink.

Focus groups also tried flavors from Coke's global market, including raspberry, lemon and ginger, which CNN reported are popular in Asia, but Orange Vanilla, available for a limited time in Canada, was the favorite.

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"What we realized is that we had a diamond in the rough when we looked at our flavors portfolio". Importantly, they also said they'd buy it in addition to a regular Coke, rather than replacing it.

Coca-Cola has experimented with a lot of flavors for Diet Coke, the zero-calorie offshoot of its core drink.

Orange Vanilla joins longstanding favorites Vanilla Coke, launched in 2007, and Cherry Coke, which has been on the market since 1985.

The latest fruit flavor follows Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke, which have enjoyed success in recent years, despite a lack of strong marketing efforts.

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While reports suggest this is the first time the flavors will be available in the USA, several people online have shared photos of the soda over the last two months claiming to have already tested it out.

The Coke flavors that work best are the ones that complement or enhance the original recipe, said Laurent Grandet, a consumer analyst with Guggenheim Securities.

"It's all about raising awareness", he said.

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