Indonesian police sorry for using snake to interrogate alleged thief

Indonesian police sorry for using snake to interrogate alleged thief

Indonesian police sorry for using snake to interrogate alleged thief

The man can be heard hysterically screaming and shouting as the police officers tell him to open his eyes and watch as they threaten to stuff the live reptile into his mouth and down his pants.

Indonesian police have apologised and pledged disciplinary action after officers draped a live snake around the neck of a suspect to persuade him to confess during an interrogation session in the easternmost area of Papua.

"How many times have you stolen a mobile phone?" he yells at the unidentified suspected thief, who appears to be cowering in fear.

The suspect later responds by saying, "Only two times".

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A man suspected of stealing cell phones was tortured and threatened with having a live snake stuffed in his mouth and down his trousers during a police interrogation in Indonesia, according to a shocking video that's prompted authorities in the country to apologize - but also try to justify the tactic.

Jayawijaya police chief Tonny Ananda Swadaya issued an apology, saying, "The investigator was not professional in doing his job".

Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, a spokesperson for the Papua police force, said an investigation had been launched by the internal affairs unit.

"We will work more professionally in the future", he added.

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Veronica Koman, a human rights lawyer documenting government abuses in the West Papua region of Indonesia, tweeted the video of the interrogation and claimed police had used the method before, for example recently putting a snake into a cell with one of her clients-a pro-Papua independence activist.

Papua police spokesman Kamal said he was not aware of another case.

Papua, one of Indonesia's poorest region, has seen several spasms of violence over the past year, including in December when at least 16 employees of a state-owned company - who were building bridges in a major infrastructure push for the impoverished region - were killed by separatist rebels. The former Dutch colony was made a part of Indonesia after a widely criticized UN-backed referendum in 1969.

"So they're not surprised" by the video.

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