Police ask woman who threw chair from balcony to surrender

Police ask woman who threw chair from balcony to surrender

Police ask woman who threw chair from balcony to surrender

Toronto police say they know the identity of a woman caught on video throwing a chair from an upper floor of a downtown condo building, but don't know her exact whereabouts and want her to surrender.

A video circulating online Monday appears to show the woman tossing the chair from the balcony, which overlooks a major highway.

Police believe the chair-throwing incident occurred Saturday around 10 a.m. ET at a condo in the Harbour and York streets area, which overlooks the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard.

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The video cuts out before the chair she's seen tossing lands on the highway, so it's not possible to determine if it hits a auto or causes an accident.

Police aren't revealing how they identified the woman.

Hopkinson said the woman in the video could be charged with common nuisance and mischief, endangering life, which is an extreme level of "mischief".

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He said the woman also threw multiple other objects from the balcony, though only the chair was shown on the video.

Police have not released the name of the suspect but confirmed to CP24 Tuesday that officers have been in contact with her and are discussing a plan to have her surrender to police.

Police have yet to identify the person in the video, and it's unclear as to when the clip was shot.

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Incidents involving objects from high-rise building have come to police attention before, Hopkinson said.

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