Lufthansa Airlines Sues Customer Who Skipped Part Of His Return Flight

Lufthansa Airlines Sues Customer Who Skipped Part Of His Return Flight

Lufthansa Airlines Sues Customer Who Skipped Part Of His Return Flight

How much sense does it make to fly from A to C via B and pay 25% less than flying from A to B?

Leading airlines are fighting back against passengers who use a simple loophole to secure cheaper tickets.

Lufthansa has taken a passenger, who didn't show up for the last leg of his ticketed journey, to court in an apparent bid to clamp down on "hidden city" ticketing.

Skiplagging can cause delays for airlines as they wait for unaccounted-for passengers, with carriers that have flights routed through hub airports - such as Lufthansa in Frankfurt and Munich - particularly affected.

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Lufthansa is suing a man who intentionally missed a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Oslo in order to receive a cheaper fare.

For instance, someone flying from NY to San Francisco could book a cheaper trip from NY to Lake Tahoe with a layover in San Francisco and get off there, without bothering to take the last leg of the flight.

In Lufthansa's situation, an unnamed passenger booked a return flight from Oslo, Norway to Seattle, Washington that had a planned layover in Frankfurt, Germany.

Lufthansa didn't like that.

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A Berlin district court reportedly dismissed the lawsuit in December, but Lufthansa told CNN it has appealed the decision.

Leveraging the hidden city ploy is old hat to veteran flyers.

If you've ever thought about pulling a fast one on an airline by attempting to book a ticket using "hidden city ticketing" you may want to think again.

Skiplagged's website even boasts: 'Our flights are so cheap, United (Airlines) sued us. but we won'. But one passenger has been taken to court by the German airline Lufthansa for doing exactly that.

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The legal hounds at an airline's headquarters might argue that hidden city ticketing violates their "contract of carriage", but some travel industry observers disagree. "This is true whether it's a plane ticket or an extra-large pizza".

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