Russia Challenges US Defense in Space, Developing Capabilities - Intel Report

Russia Challenges US Defense in Space, Developing Capabilities - Intel Report

Russia Challenges US Defense in Space, Developing Capabilities - Intel Report

In a report published Monday, the Defense Intelligence Agency found that "China and Russian Federation, in particular, have taken steps to challenge the United States" in space, including through the development of weaponized satellites, energy weapons and surveillance networks.

The Chinese and Russian developed military doctrines based on the idea that space is essential to modern warfare and counterspace capabilities are key to countering USA and allied military advantages, the report says.

With a growing number of entities engaged in space activities, . the report expects the face more challenges in its space dominance and assets in orbit.

Both countries "are developing a variety of means to exploit perceived USA reliance on space-based systems and challenge the US position in space", the report said.

"These capabilities provide their militaries with the ability to command and control their forces worldwide with enhanced situational awareness, enabling them to monitor, track and target U.S. and allied forces", it said. China was excluded from the International Space Station largely due to concerns over its space program's connections to the military and US legislation barring such cooperation.

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"China upholds the peaceful use of outer space and opposes weaponising outer space or an arms race there", foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters at a press conference in the capital, Beijing.

China has demonstrated an anti-satellite missile and is working on a laser that could attack US properties in space.

Moreover, the document also claims Russian Federation is developing enhanced on-orbit dual-use technology that can be used to attack and permanently disable satellites.

"Both states are developing jamming and cyberspace capabilities, directed energy weapons, on-orbit capabilities and ground-based antisatellite missiles that can achieve a range of reversible to non-reversible effects", said the report.

"It is meant to support a deeper public understanding of key space and counterspace issues and inform open dialogue and partner engagement on these challenges", a DIA spokesman told SpaceNews.

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"Beijing and Moscow will continue to see space as integral to winning modern wars".

They have also developed the command and control systems needed to deploy these capabilities as weapons. Space's role in commercial and civilian applications is growing, and it is absolutely vital to employing the USA military, DIA officials noted.

"Both countries have developed robust and capable space services", the report said.

Globally, the space industry will continue to expand as technological and cost barriers fall and global partnerships for joint production grow. The report comes as the Chinese government has been increasingly stepping up its space program, becoming the first nation to land a probe on the far side of the moon in January. "That makes tracking satellites and discriminating satellites from threats and nonthreats and predicting and preventing collisions more challenging".

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