Amazon Spiders And Centipedes Prey On Opossum, Snakes

Amazon Spiders And Centipedes Prey On Opossum, Snakes

Amazon Spiders And Centipedes Prey On Opossum, Snakes

You can watch the nightmarish footage in a video released on Friday by the University of MI.

The nightmarish footage was released by the team from the University of MI who documented their encounters in the journal Amphibian & Reptile Conservation.

"Any kind of predation event involving a vertebrate, whether it's a snake eating a frog or a bird eating a lizard - all of these are very rare", said Dan Rabosky, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of MI.

Eight-legged predators have been seen " eating a surprising amount of vertebrates" in the Amazon, a new National Geographic study revealed.

But their diets can actually be a lot more varied than that - and biologists have observed a spider smorgasbord that will blow your mind.

"We heard scrabbling in the leaf litter", says Mike Grundler, a University of MI biology PhD candidate.

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"We looked over, and we saw a large tarantula on top of an opossum", Grundler, a co-author of the team's paper, said in the news release.

An enormous tarantula - about as big as a dinner plate - rustled across the leaves on the ground, dragging away its victim - a small opossum, first kicking and then going limp in the spider's jaws.

Researchers said the tarantula (genus Pamphobeteus) was the size of a dinner plate, while the young mouse opossum was about the size of a softball.

Maggie Grundler, Michael's sister, pulled out her cellphone and started shooting video of the encounter.

Researchers checked in with an opossum expert at American Museum of Natural History and confirmed they captured the first documentation of a large mygalomorph spider preying on an opossum.

The study, published Thursday in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation, focuses on spiders, centipedes and a giant water bug in the lowland Amazon, "preying on.frogs, tadpoles, lizards, snakes" and, of course, the ill-fated opossum, according to the university's web site.

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A tarantula preying on a Bolivian bleating frog.

Including a tarantula preying on a mouse opossum.

As for the searing image of a giant spider carting off a cute, furry critter, Rabosky, who leads the research team, said it's not as scary as it may seem.

"We were pretty ecstatic and shocked, and we couldn't really believe what we were seeing", Michael Grundler said in the statement.

Spiders are among the most diverse arthropod predators in the tropics. According to researchers, while they knew that what they were witnessing was special, at the moment they were unaware that it was the first observation.

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