HIV cure: London patient recovers from sex disease in major breakthrough

HIV cure: London patient recovers from sex disease in major breakthrough

HIV cure: London patient recovers from sex disease in major breakthrough

The Aids pandemic has killed about 35 million people worldwide since it began in the 1980s and about 37 million people are infected with HIV.

"HIV Is Cured In 2nd Patient, Doctors Report, Such great news for so many".

Reuters reports that the man, whose identity has not been revealed, has tested negative for the virus nearly three years after he received a bone marrow transplant from a donor with an HIV-resistant genetic mutation.

Previous patient: This new study, reported in Nature, demonstrates that the previous case of Timothy Brown (aka the "Berlin patient") who was cured of HIV in 2007 through a similar treatment, was not an anomaly.

The researchers caution that the approach is not appropriate as a standard HIV treatment due to the toxicity of chemotherapy, but it offers hope for new treatment strategies that might eliminate HIV altogether.

There has been only one documented case of HIV, which causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), being cured.

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Current HIV therapies are really effective, meaning people with the virus can live long and healthy lives.

Scientists at IciStem, a consortium of European scientists researching use of stem cell transplants to treat the illness, say the London patient received a bone-marrow transplant in 2016 and was given immunosuppresive drugs. Later, he was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin's lymphoma. His transplant beat cancer without any threatening side-effects, and the transplanted immune cells that were made resistant to HIV appeared to have replaced all the HIV-vulnerable cells in his blood.

To test whether he was truly in HIV-1 remission, the London patient disrupted his usual antiretroviral therapy.

"The Berlin patient" aka Timothy Brown was the first adult in the world to be declared HIV-free. He waited about nine years after being diagnosed with HIV to start anti-HIV drug therapy.

"We haven't cured HIV, but [this] gives us hope that it's going to be feasible one day to eliminate the virus", she said.

The man has chosen to remain anonymous, with scientists referring to him as "the London patient".

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"They used a reduced intense conditioning regimen but I think that had no influence on the outcome", he said.

Brown, apart from being HIV-positive, had leukemia and had bone marrow transplant after chemotherapy proved futile.

Adalja noted that although the Berlin patient and the London patient received similar treatments, the Berlin patient's treatment was more intense - he received two bone-marrow transplants in addition to whole-body irradiation (radiation exposure to the whole body). "We can't detect anything", Ravindra Gupta, the doctor who co-lead the man's treatment team, told Reuters.

Following the transplant, the patient's immune system was able to adopt HIV resistance and fight against the disease.

Graham Cooke, a professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College London, said in a statement to the Science Media Centre that the new study is "encouraging".

The patient received stem cells three years ago from an HIV-resistant donor and then went off his medication that is meant to keep the disease from growing inside the body, also known as antiretroviral treatment or ART.

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