Docs Reveal Einstein Admitted He Didn't Fully Understand Quantum Nature of Light

Docs Reveal Einstein Admitted He Didn't Fully Understand Quantum Nature of Light

Docs Reveal Einstein Admitted He Didn't Fully Understand Quantum Nature of Light

While much of the content in the documents was known to "Einstein-philes", people were particularly excited at a lost page of an appendix to a 1930 article which the scientist had published.

The handwritten page - part of an appendix to a 1930 paper written by the Nobel victor on unified field theory - was discovered nestled in the 110-page trove Israel's Hebrew University was given as a donation.

He said: "But in the copies we had, one page was missing, and that was a problem".

In the same letter from 1951, Einstein tells Besso that he has "still not come closer" to fully comprehending the nature of light particles after almost 50 years of research.

Einstein left most of his collection to the university after his death in 1955. He spent three decades attempting to unify the forces of nature into a single theory.

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There are four personal letters between Einstein and his friend Michele Besso and a letter to his son Hans Albert, who lived with Einstein's estranged wife in Switzerland.

He wrote that other European countries finally began to take it seriously.

The Chicago-based Crown-Goodman Family Foundation purchased the 110 pages, most of which have never been publicly displayed, from a private collector in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and donated them to Hebrew University.

Ahead of Albert Einstein's 140th birthday, 110 manuscript pages penned by the German scientist were unveiled by an Israeli university on Wednesday (March 6), providing a glimpse into the genius mind of the legendary scientist.

Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, the Einstein archive's academic director, said: "For historians of science, it is very important to have manuscripts, because then one sees that he crossed out something, that he changed something, and it is interesting to see how he actually worked". "If they would have come down hard a year and a half ago, it would have been better and easier", Einstein wrote his son.

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Einstein had also expressed his reservation about the party years earlier, when he wrote a letter in August 1922 to his younger sister, Maja.

Born in Germany in 1879, Einstein chose to immigrate to the United States after Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933.

"Whenever someone came to visit our home, we always showed them our "Einstein Wall" which was full of photos and letters from my grandmother's famous cousin", Reisman said.

"Out here, nobody knows where I am, and I'm believed to be away on a trip", Einstein wrote in the letter.

The documents also reveal Einstein's personal side. Diana Kormos-Buchwald of the Einstein Papers Project to decipher the scientific and mathematical contexts for the calculations.

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Hebrew University is now working with Caltech's Prof.

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