FDA removes restrictions on genetically modified salmon

FDA removes restrictions on genetically modified salmon

FDA removes restrictions on genetically modified salmon

As the Washington Post noted in 2017, the fish are created to be exclusively female as well as sterile, though the process is not entirely effective, and AquaBounty's Prince Edward Island facility is surrounded by salt water, where it believes the eggs can not survive.

Following years of health and safety assessments, the salmon became the first GM animal to be approved for human consumption by the FDA in 2015.

Congress said rules on how genetically modified food is labeled had to be implemented first.

The FDA said it deactivated on Friday an import alert that blocked import of the salmon. The salmon have been modified with DNA from other species of fish to allow them to grow roughly twice as fast as regular salmon.

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Genetically modified salmon are one step closer to reaching the dinner plates of American consumers.

It went on to say that when the Agriculture Department issued regulations in late 2018 requiring human food containing genetically engineer salmon to have labels indicating that it is bioengineered, the congressional requirement was met.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who blocked USA sale of the AquAdvantage salmon since 2015, said she is skeptical that federal GMO food labeling rules will mandate labeling of the fish, so she is pursuing legislation to require "genetically engineered" to appear in the market name.

According to the FDA, it complied with the guideline by blocking modified salmon from entering the U.S. However, after Congress enacted the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard relating to food labels in December, the FDA has made a decision to deactivate the import alert.

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The Food and Drug Administration said it lifted its import ban that had prevented AquaBounty from importing its salmon eggs to its IN facility, where they would be grown before being sold as food.

The FDA's move also comes despite a pending lawsuit filed by a coalition of consumer, environmental and fishing groups that are challenging the agency's approval. Salmon eggs could then be sent from the company's research and development facility in Canada, and would be harvested after about 18 months when they reach 10 pounds, she said.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stressed that the genetic changes had been deemed safe for the animal, safe to eat and wouldn't have a "significant" impact on the environment.

She said the salmon already has been sold in limited quantities in Canada, where it doesn't have to be labeled as genetically modified. However, they're also bred to be female and sterile, theoretically eliminating he possibility that they'll breed with wild salmon.

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"We think a remedy in our case would stop sale of the fish before they're allowed to be sold", George Kimbrell, a legal director for the Center for Food Safety, which is opposing the approval in court, told the AP. AquaBounty said its GE salmon would reduce USA reliance on imported seafood.

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