May goes to Europe seeking last-minute concessions before Brexit vote

May goes to Europe seeking last-minute concessions before Brexit vote

May goes to Europe seeking last-minute concessions before Brexit vote

"We have an opportunity now to leave on March 29, or shortly thereafter".

Some members of Parliament are telling May to pull the vote because they expect a defeat on a similar scale to the historic defeat she suffered in January, the Times reported.

The backstop, a backup mechanism that would come into place if no trade deal is agreed by the end of the withdrawal period, would keep Northern Ireland in the EU's single market for goods, while the United Kingdom would remain in a customs union with the bloc.

If she fails, lawmakers are expected to force May to seek a delay to Brexit which some fear could see the 2016 decision to leave the bloc reversed.

Talks with European Union leaders are ongoing.

The margin of defeat could be even worse this time, because her strategy of brinksmanship, which the Prime Minister has tried to hold for more than two years, has all but fallen apart.

The British pound hit a 22-month peak against the euro tonight after Theresa May said she had secured "legally binding changes" to her Brexit deal.

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The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said the only talks that mattered now were "between the government in London and the Parliament in London", indicating very little scope for concessions from the EU side ahead of Tuesday's vote. They would then ask the government to support that amendment in return for them voting for May's deal.

But will any of those votes take place?

Downing Street said the PM's focus was "getting on with the work required to allow MPs to support the deal and to bring this stage of the process to an end".

Or whether it votes to postpone Brexit. She has already said she will stand down before the next election, in 2022, but there is already pressure from inside her own Conservative Party for her to quit within the next few weeks if she can not deliver Brexit on time.

Among the 275 firms, around 250 have chosen specific post-Brexit hubs for their European Union business, and more than 200 firms have set up or are setting up new entities in the European Union to manage their business.

May's spokesman, Slack, said the vote "will take place tomorrow", but it was unclear exactly what motion would be put to lawmakers. "Those carrying additional inventory know an extension will squeeze their cashflow for longer".

Steve Baker, a leading figure in the ERG, said the government had put "a very good gloss on something that falls short".

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What is the European Union saying?

All EU member states have to agree to an extension, and some EU leaders have expressed concern that it needs to have a specific goal.

"If you want to stop Brexit you only need to do three things: kill this deal, get an extension, and then have a second referendum".

But the great majority of lawmakers, including most Conservative members of Parliament, will vote against a no-deal Brexit because they believe it would be economically damaging and disruptive.

There are reports May is under pressure to quit. The newspaper also said cabinet ministers have spoken about whether to insist she goes as early as this week.

Britain's beleaguered prime minister would declare a personal victory and the United Kingdom would enter a transition period until the end of 2020.

May has already survived a leadership challenge from within the Conservative Party, which means there can not be another one before December.

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