When a California Man Was Dying, a Robot Delivered the Bad News

When a California Man Was Dying, a Robot Delivered the Bad News

When a California Man Was Dying, a Robot Delivered the Bad News

"In every aspect of our care, and especially when communicating hard information, we do so with compassion in a personal manner", she said, adding that the term "robot" is "inaccurate and inappropriate".

Mr Quintana's daughter, Catherine, told KTVU that the family was further upset because her father had trouble hearing the doctor through the speakers, forcing Ms Wilharm to relay the bad news.

"We knew that it was coming and that he was very sick, but I don't think somebody should get that news delivered that way".

A doctor told a man he was going to die via robot videolink.

A septuagenarian Californian learnt of his impending death through a video link, outraging his family, who protested against the dehumanised and robotic way in which the news was delivered.

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Granddaughter Annalisia Wilharm, 33, was alone with Quintana when a nurse popped in to say a doctor would be making his rounds.

"It was giving his results of his CT scan, and basically telling him he had no lungs left and the only thing he could recommend would be comfort care", said daughter Catherine Quintana.

She goes on to confirm he sadly passed away two days after being admitted to hospital.

Ms Spangler said she wanted the media to get involved in the situation after Kaiser Permanente said it would "take note" of the family's complaints.

A spokeswoman for the hospital offered "sincere condolences to the family" in a statement sent to CNN.

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Kaiser Permanente Senior Vice-President Michelle Gaskill-Hames issued a statement following the passing of Mr. Quintana nearly a week later.

"It did not replace previous conversations with patient and family members and was not used in the delivery of the initial diagnosis", she said.

"The evening video tele-visit was a follow-up to earlier physician visits", Ms Gaskill-Hames said in a written response. It "allows a small hospital to have additional specialists such as a board-certified critical care physician available 24/7, enhancing the care provided and bringing additional consultative expertise to the bedside".

"We regret falling short in meeting the patient's and family's expectations in this situation and we will use this as an opportunity to review how to improve patient experience with tele-video capabilities". "It felt like someone took the air out of me", she said.

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